Interior & Exterior Concrete Stain

Transform ordinary concrete into a work of art that is inspired by mother nature. Concrete dyes are extremely durable, Durable and Resistant concrete silicate colorant, designed to protect and beautify concrete surfaces. Transform ordinary concrete floors into inspiring living areas.

Concrete dye stains are ideal for residential and commercial interior concrete floors, Garage and warehouse floors. Concrete dye stains come in array of colors. No down time for process.

Floors can be accessible during application. Does not require dry times of curing times. Stains can be for highlighting, antiquing, and changing colors of basic concrete.

Benefits of concrete dye stains are:

• 12 translucent UV stable stains available.
• Environmentally safe
• Penetrating and durable
• Can be applied to almost any unsealed concrete surface
• Anti-staining and UV stable
• Easy to clean and maintain
• Create custom looks of plain grey concrete into art work.
• No odor, safe around pets Great consistency.

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