Concrete Polishing

Concrete is the most commonly used construction material because of the many benefits it offers. Among these are strength, durability, a long lifespan, affordability, environmentally friendly, and it is recyclable. Why then have we chosen to cover it up with man made petroleum based materials that do not have these characteristics, which leads to expensive repairs and maintenance? The future of diamond tooling technology, has developed into a unique diamond grinding process, This process utilizes an innovative grinding and polishing system which includes both metal bond and resin bond diamonds to bring out the natural beauty in your concrete floors.

Polishing produces a highly reflective surface finish that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but reduces maintenance costs and increases durability. Concrete polishing process consists of multiple basic steps of mechanical grinding and polishing. Depending on the current condition of the floor, the process may require more steps, or even less. The first three steps prepare the floor by flattening and leveling it using metal bond diamond grindings. These steps are crucial to ensure proper finishing and safety standards.

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