Concrete Overlay

Micro-Topping provides you with a new canvas for applying various staining techniques and can be integrally colored to simulate hard troweled colored concrete. It can be stenciled or textured in a restoration project or a new architectural finish.

It can also transform badly damaged concrete into a beautiful concrete surface at a fraction of the cost of removal or replacement of the existing surface. You get the highest adhesion, most water resistance and the best breath-ability characteristics in the industry.

Micro-Topping can easily be applied by brush, trowel, roller or spray to produce a tough, water resistant surface with great abrasion qualities and salt resistance.

Typical uses include:
• Designer Retail Flooring
• Themed Entertainment Flooring
• Casinos
• Restaurants and Bars
• Residential Surfaces
• Food Concession Areas
• Museum Floors

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