more Terrazzo Flooring Terrazzo is a beautiful floor that has superior wear resistance properties including impact resistance, physical strength, and good chemical resistance.
more Concrete Polishing Polishing produces a highly reflective surface finish that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but reduces maintenance costs and increases durability. Concrete polishing process consists of multiple basic steps of mechanical grinding and polishing.
more Concrete Overlay Micro-Topping & 1/8" Overlays provide you with a new canvas for applying various staining techniques and can be integrally colored to simulate hard troweled colored concrete. It can be stenciled or textured in a restoration project or a new architectural finish.
more Concrete Stain Concrete dye stains are ideal for residential and commercial interior concrete floors, Garage and warehouse floors. Concrete dye stains come in array of colors. No down time for process.
more Concrete Stamp Stamped concrete, commonly referred to as patterned concrete or imprinted concrete, is concrete that is designed to resemble stone, slate, flagstone, tile and even wood. Colors and patterns for stamped cement are often chosen to blend with other stone, tile or patterned concrete elements at the residence.

It is our vision and goal to work with manufactures that produce environmentally safe and high quality products.

We believe in protecting our environment. Extreme Measures Construction uses all green environment friendly products. The products we use are low VOC and will not harm people, pets, or vegetation. We take extreme measures on using earth friendly products. We work as a team with architects and contractors to insure use of the safest products with the longest lasting installation available.

What We Do

Extreme Measures Construction specializes in industrial coatings, architectural cementitious toppings, concrete restoration materials, deck coatings, waterproofing membrane systems and many other innovations. We not only install concrete systems, we also educate architects and contractors in high performance surfaces.