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Concrete is the most commonly used construction material because of the many benefits it offers. Among these are strength, durability, a long lifespan, affordability, environmentally friendly, and it is recyclable. Why then have we chosen to cover it up with man made petroleum based materials that do not have these characteristics, which leads to expensive repairs and maintenance? The future of diamond tooling technology, has developed into a unique diamond grinding process, This process utilizes an innovative grinding and polishing system which includes both metal bond and resin bond diamonds to bring out the natural beauty in your concrete floors.

Polishing produces a highly reflective surface finish that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but reduces maintenance costs and increases durability. Concrete polishing process consists of multiple basic steps of mechanical grinding and polishing. Depending on the current condition of the floor, the process may require more steps, or even less. The first three steps prepare the floor by flattening and leveling it using metal bond diamond grindings. These steps are crucial to ensure proper finishing and safety standards.

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    Every Job Like a Journey, Starts with the First Step

    The first step we take when evaluating a floor before polishing concrete is to determine the hardness of the concrete. This is usually done within MOHS as concrete hardness tester. This will help us select the correct bond and abrasives used on your concrete floor.

    Evaluating Floors

    We also have to determine what types of coatings are currently on the floor such as epoxy, glues, oils, grease and other elements that soak into concrete floors over time.

    Repairing Floors Before Polishing Concrete

    The next step is to determine if any repair to the substrate needs to be done. We will repair and fill in cracks or holes in the surface. Once repairs are completed, we will start the grinding stage with a high grit metal bonding tool and finish with the lowest grit. This could mean 1 to 3 passes on the floors with machinery.

    Prep Before Polish

    The next stage is transitional. This is where we remove any markings created by metal tooling. Once there's absolutely no sign of tooling and the floor is completely flush, the floors are ready for the polishing phase. The next step is to harden your concrete floors. In this stage, we will pour a densifying solution to help solidify and add density to the concrete substrate which will provide extra protection from staining agents or penetration from water.

    Time To Polish Concrete

    After the densifying solution has settled, leveled and has properly dried, we will begin the final process by using burnishing pads to completely buffer the resin bond, leaving a beautiful shining concrete polished floor.

    Once We Are Finished

    Polishing resins help protect your concrete from exposure to gas, oil, grease and other chemicals. But you will want to maintain your floors.Once your floors are completed, Extreme Measures Construction Inc. will give you a short training session on how to maintain and take care of your floors efficiently to increase their longevity.

    Who We Are

    Extreme Measures Construction of California has specialized in Concrete Polish in the city of Palm Springs for over 7 years. Concrete Polish and other decorative concrete systems have been around for almost 50 years.

    Whether you need new concrete or the restoration of existing surfaces, Extreme Measures Construction offers services for Both Residential & Commercial.

    If you are located in the city of Palm Springs in California and would To find out more information about Concrete Polish, please call us at 1-888-743-1158.